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Job Summary

Our Project Managers are responsible for all project related items including estimating, selecting / buying out subcontractors, schedules, submittals, requests for information, bonds, certificates of insurance, setting up contracts in company’s internal project management system, change orders, monthly billing, as well as site visits on a regular basis.

1. Contributing as a valuable team member on the Company’s entire estimating and bid submission process with a goal of ensuring the Company’s overall success in properly bidding commercial construction contracts and, ultimately being awarded a high percentage of said contract bids, in the Company’s chosen niche, specifically office interiors and small base building projects for banks and blue chip corporations;


2. Said estimating coordination and oversight may include:
a. Providing front-end assistance to clients and prospective clients with layout and design criteria and potential value-engineering alternatives (if directed by the client or prospective client) during the conceptual and budgeting process of a planned construction project;
b. Upon receipt of formal construction drawings from a client or prospective client, performing an overall review of all plans and specifications for each potential project;
c. After completing the plan review, selecting the appropriate subcontractors to bid on the project from the Company’s current data base of existing subcontractors and, in addition, assisting the Company on an on-going basis in formulating relationships with new subcontractors;
d. In addition to the selection of appropriate subcontractors, estimating and assigning accurate labor and materials costs for any portion of the project scope of work that the Company may elect to perform using its own in-house forces, specifically, demolition, general and rough carpentry on interiors and exteriors, drywall layout, framing, hanging and finishing and the installation of acoustical or drywall ceilings and doors, frames and hardware;
e. Coordinating the distribution of construction drawings to all selected subcontractors, via the Company’s bid administration process, for each project and managing the process of receiving, reviewing and analyzing all competitive bids from each subcontractor and assembling said competitive bids (along with any in-house cost estimating as referenced in “d” above) which, in conjunction with a reasonable percentage mark-up for the Company’s general conditions and fee (at the direction of Company executives as may be designated by the Company from time to time), will result in the Company providing a competitive total bid for each project and which,
ultimately, should result in the Company being awarded a significant percentage of the project bids that are submitted to clients or prospective clients;
f. Upon the Company being successfully awarded a project based on the bids performed in “a” through “e” above, the Employee will be required to monitor the actual job costs through periodic site visits and inspections and periodic job cost reviews as the project is being completed and to provide recommendations and to assist with implementing strategies to minimize all jobs costs and maximize gross profit through completion.


3. Daily oversight of between three (3) to six (6) Company construction projects (this number can increase depending on scope and size, i.e., 1 project can consist of 10-20 projects), more or less, at any given time, including the management responsibility and oversight of other Company employees (i.e. superintendents, foremen, carpenters, finishers, bid administrators, project management administrators, etc.) and all subcontractors engaged by the Company in the day to day operations of the Company’s principal business that being, specifically, commercial construction of ground-up base buildings and general interior office space in the geographic footprint in which the Company operates;

4. Reporting directly to the Director of Operations, the Project Manager shall ultimately be responsible on each and every construction project that he/she is tasked with to ensure that all subcontractors and Company employees are managed efficiently and effectively in order to adhere to the project schedule that has been agreed to by the Company and the Company’s client(s);

5. Maintaining constant daily contact with the Company’s employees that are on-site on the project and whom are subordinate to the Project Manager, with any and all designated representatives of the Company’s clients (i.e. owner’s representatives, architect’s, property managers, building engineers, etc.) and with any and all representatives of any state, local or federal jurisdictional authorities whose on-going construction inspections and approvals are necessary during construction for all projects under the Project Manager’s supervision;

6. Receipt, submission to the appropriate project personnel, transmission and ultimate implementation of all RFI’s, Shop Drawings, Submittals, Daily Job Reports and any and all other required forms as designated by the Company from time to time and which may be commensurate with the Project Manager’s position;

7. Reading and interpreting construction drawings to ensure that, to the best of the Project Manager’s ability, all projects under the Project Manager’s supervision are delivered according to client’s or client’s architect’s specifications and are delivered on time and within budget;

8. Management of any site superintendents assigned by the Company to each project to coordinate and ensure that:
a. the Company and all subcontractors secure all necessary permits, inspections and required approvals at all stages of each project under the Project Manager’s supervision
b. All necessary materials and equipment deliveries have been ordered and scheduled
c. Any on site progress meetings with clients of the Company or client representatives are attended by the superintendent and the Project Manager;


9. Any and all other duties and responsibilities consistent with commercial construction industry norms and standards for a Project Manager’s position


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