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Women Hustle & Shine Bright at R-PCI Construction.

Updated: Jan 7

In an interview with Baltimore’s Smart CEO magazine, Barry Lake, Chairman at R-PCI Construction once said that he believes that “...commercial real estate and construction are made up of land, brick mortar and people. People are the most important.” Those founding principles still hold true 30 years later. Our core values of working smart, accountability, a culture of performance and doing the right thing have not just helped R-PCI to build buildings over the years - we build futures. Effective immediately, two of R-PCI’s most diligent employees will have a brand new opportunity to shine bright. We’re pleased to announce Margaret Merrill’s promotion from Project Accountant to Accounting Manager and Kate Fox’s transition from Administrative Specialist to Business Development Specialist.

Margaret Merrill, Accounting Manager.

Run from being good. Chase being great.

Margaret started with R-PCI in the summer of 2019 as a temp employee. But, from temp to full-time, Margaret has proven that patience, persistence and perspiration are an unbeatable combination for success. In her new role as Accounting Manager, Margaret will oversee operations and management of project accountant duties covering accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll processing. She’ll also assist in cash management and job specific accounting inquiries, statuses, and vendor questions between operations and accounting. Margaret is currently enrolled at Liberty University where she’s pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a Minor in Youth Ministry.

Kate Fox, Business Development Specialist.

Success starts with fearlessness.

Kate began her journey with R-PCI in an administrative capacity at R-PCI, but we're ready to unlock her many many talents to support our robust sales effort. Kate intends to parlay her experience from her professional experience in corporate sales and her deep-rooted relationships established from being a native Washingtonian, to support the development of new business effort. She'll leverage her expertise in sales planning to help R-PCI reach new heights.

It’s time to get excited, because these empowered women can conquer it all. Being Wonder Woman is a mindset😉. Good luck to both women who continue to hustle and shine bright, contributing unmatched value to the culture of exceptional performance at R-PCI Construction.


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