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  • Daenya McDonald, CCXP

Safety Week: A Message from Jeff Donohoe, President

Construction has taken center stage in the news recently. The economy is strong, and businesses are building, renovating and expanding. Construction is everywhere and production is booming. However, the recent Seattle crane incident underscores that construction can be a dangerous industry.

Construction Safety Week is May 6-10. This year’s theme is Safe by Choice.

Every day, construction employees face hundreds of choices, but none is more important than our choice to work safe. We are Safe By Choice.

Although safety concerns must be an everyday priority, during Safety Week, we’d like to remind our partners and our crew about wearing your PPE and making safe choices.

Whether you’re in another industry, in an office or on-site, safety must ALWAYS be a focus. At R-PCI, we don’t do these things simply because it’s required of us, we choose to be safe because it’s the right thing to do for our families, industry, co-workers and community. Be safe out there.