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Mentor Spotlight: Margaret Merrill, Accounting Manager.

Updated: Jan 23

"You may think your light is small, but it can make a big difference in the lives of other people. Let your light shine bright." - Unknown

This week, we're turning our spotlight on Margaret Merrill, Accounting Manager. Margaret has experienced rapid growth at R-PCI. From a temporary position with the accounting team, to full time project accountant to accounting manager, Margaret's many skills are an integral part of our team's success. Margaret understands first hand that youth facing an opportunity gap, but who also have the support of a mentor, are more likely to enroll in college and hold leadership positions later in life. Let's get to know her and what drives her motivation as a mentor in this quick Q&A.

What do you do in your mentor capacity?

I teach/counsel members of my church’s youth group from ages 11-25. I help them grow and learn biblical teachings, and how to use those teachings in their daily lives.

Why was it important for you to get involved in mentoring?

The statistics on kids without a mentor outside their family is pretty dismal. I didn't have any role models when I was younger that I could emulate. When I later found my way to church, I wanted to share my experiences and help guide young adults into better lives. Raising my three children also impacted my motivation. I wanted them to see that no matter what your past might be, it does not define your future.

What impact has being a mentor had on you?

Being a mentor has made me humble. I love hearing from my youth about how much better they feel, or that just talking with me helped them make a better decision. I believe that we're exactly where we need to be in every moment. There's a lesson in everything.

What do you like about mentoring?

I love being able to watch my youth grow from pre-teens into young adults and know that I had an impact on the path they chose. Whether it be good or bad, knowing that I was able to reach them at some point along their journey is what I love best.

What set of skills, values and experiences do you bring to your mentees?

Truth, honesty, patience, understanding, experience and the ability not to judge. I have done my fair share of craziness in my own life and I share my testimony so they know I have the experience and empathy to hopefully guide them along a different path.

Have you had a mentor who impacted your life that you’d like to thank?

I would have to thank my brother in law - he introduced me to church. He was our youth leader at that time and invited me to help him on an administrative level. He helped me to grow into the youth leader I am today. And I would also have to thank Liberty University and their staff for the classes and lessons I have been learning in order to achieve my Youth Pastoral Degree, which I should be receiving in January 2021!! So EXCITED!

How does mentoring in construction help new employees?

Mentoring helps shape the future workplace pipeline, particularly helpful if you're new to construction. At R-PCI, we informally pair new employees with a workplace mentor. This mentor helps our new hire build workplace skills, set career goals and expand their network. They are lots of opportunities in construction, from the office to the job-site, so I recommend jumping right in. Our office is designed to support our collective success.

Margaret works full time at R-PCI Construction while volunteering her time as a youth leader and attending university to pursue her degree. It's this kind of grit and moxie that gives the R-PCI team a competitive advantage, aligning our company's mission and vision with an experienced team that's inspired to fulfill it. That's how you build a winning team.

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