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A Holiday Message from the Executive Leadership Team: "We'd Just Like to Say..."

Dear clients, partners & friends,

We know that you have a choice, and we’re grateful that you continue to choose R-PCI Construction. Thank you for your ongoing confidence. As we build year after year, we remain motivated and inspired by the opportunities that you give us to help you realize your vision.

We’re racing towards the future. All our work and planning are focused on building a better tomorrow. At this moment, we’re gearing up for what lies ahead for R-PCI. As we reflect on all the wins that we’ve worked so hard to accomplish all year-long, we’ve seen our team and our business grow and strengthened in 2019. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to develop a winning lineup to continue powering our collective success.

In a world moving at hyper speed, we asked a lot from our team in 2019. And they delivered. For the last 30 years strong, R-PCI has been dedicated to building a culture of excellence, developing leaders within the commercial construction sector to galvanize our ability to better serve your needs. Bringing a unique mix of grit and resourcefulness to each project, R-PCI is a right-sized general contractor that ensures your satisfaction and helps you succeed.

As we look towards what’s next and celebrate the end of another productive year, we’d just like to say - the future is bright at R-PCI. In 2020, we will continue to deliver on our top 3 priorities:

  • To fulfill R-PCI’s promise of providing unmatched value and earn the opportunity to serve every client.

  • To maintain building a team of empowered leaders in commercial construction, driven by a passion to expertly guide and advise each client at every stage of our personalized service.

  • As a right-sized general contractor, to help our clients succeed and realize their vision.

We wish you a holiday filled with laughter, appreciation, good cheer and a prosperous new year. Let's build something great together in 2020 and beyond.

- R-PCI Construction Executive Leadership Team.


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