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30 Years of Groundbreaking Achievements- Preserve the Past. Honor the Present. Embrace the Future.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A Letter from the Executive Leadership Team.

Preserve the Past.

Within two years, entrepreneur and Chairman, Barry Lake, took Rollins-Precision Commercial Interiors from a small drywall subcontractor and catapulted the company into one of Maryland’s most competitive Commercial General Contractors. Re-branded as simply R-PCI Construction in 2017, for several years running, R-PCI was listed amongst Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies in Maryland. In our company’s early years, we cemented a strong relationship with then iconic Chevy Chase Bank, the largest locally based banking company in the Washington Metropolitan Area at the time, known for their distinct brand and architectural style. That relationship was further leveraged when Capital One took over those legendary spaces. What do stalwarts like Charles Schwab, TD Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Brookfield Properties and B.F. Saul Company all have in common? R-PCI Construction.

Honor the Present.

Today, our project management team boasts over 95 years of combined experience- and we’re just getting started. After years of astounding growth, 2019 marks a brand new chapter for our company. Our office culture is thriving and 60% of office employees are women. Out of eight executive leaders, five wear both hardhats and heels, just not at the same time. Naturally, an impeccable safety record is a source of pride at R-PCI.

Embrace the Future.

Commercial construction is everywhere. Buildings are going up in record numbers and all over the U.S., brand and image conscious companies are experiencing rapid growth. That’s where R-CI comes in. More than just a Commercial General Contractor, R-PCI is truly a relationship-driven partner and trusted advisor. Our steadfast relationships have earned us a reputation of excellence for Building Integrity from Start to Finish™ from people in the know. This year R-PCI celebrates 30 years of people, passion and purpose, and we’re poised to become as recognizable as the brands we’ve represented for the past 30 years. All year long we’ll be preserving the legacy of our past, honoring the excellence of our present, and embracing the promise of a dynamic future. We hope you’ll be a part of it.


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