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3 Trends Impacting Commercial Construction Projects in 2019 & Beyond.

Construction trends have been carrying over from year to year, but some of these innovations will shape the future of commercial projects for architects, brokers, developers and property managers alike. While today's projects are increasing in scope and scale, maintaining productivity is critical to everyone's success. Here’s a look at three trends impacting commercial construction projects in 2019 and beyond.


AR is one of the most promising new technologies being considered in commercial construction and is also being used in fields of architecture and planning. For clients, AR offers powerful project staging capability and makes pre-construction projects tangible for both buyers and tenants.


  • Superimpose 3D buildings onto 2D objects- features which can be used in promoting a company’s projects and can enhance the design and delivery process.

  • Virtual walk-throughs of a property or job-site.

  • Enable field personnel to see and interact with color-coded 3D versions of a project.

  • Give the general public a glimpse of the future by providing a visualization of a construction project before it's completed.

  • Facilitate the use of wearable technology to enable: 3D visualization of future projects; automated measuring of buildings; quick and cost-effective simulation of architectural and structural changes; improve safety through safety training and hazard simulations.


One of the most noteworthy construction trends is an ongoing labor shortage, resulting in rising labor costs. Companies across the nation are adjusting to hire and retain enough workers to maintain the construction demand. 78% of companies report having a difficult time finding workers to fill craft positions. The introduction of new technology to improve efficiency and safety has also increased the need for educated workers to manage and interpret this new data. To tackle the labor shortage, construction companies are turning to more women to fill the gap. Trends show a 94% growth in female-owned construction companies and around 30% promoted women to senior positions in 2018. Generation Z is also being lured with the promise of new technology and competitive salaries. Too many available positions make it harder for companies to attract new people - this continues to drive up labor costs. Construction companies like R-PCI Construction continue to draw new talent by spotlighting competitive benefits, work life balance, growth opportunities and unforgettable corporate culture.


To offset rising labor costs, many companies are turning to new building materials, like modular and prefabricated construction, to make project deadliness. However, while innovative new building materials may offer more long-run savings for a client, they may ultimately drive up costs. Some of these pioneering materials include:

  • Self-healing concrete

  • 3D graphene

  • Transparent aluminum

  • Light generating concrete

  • Invisible solar cells

Overall, the future of the commercial construction industry is bright. This year R-PCI Construction celebrates 30 years of people, passion and purpose, representing some of the nation’s most image conscious brands in the MidAtlantic and Southeast regions. We’ll help you manage your construction costs and deliver your projects on-time and on-budget. Collaborate with a reliable and renowned General Contractor with a reputation for Building Integrity from Start to Finish™ since 1989. Discover more and realize your vision today!


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